Have you got tired of straight hair? How about a long curly hair? Also has long straight hair girl's pure and sweet, but the more sexy and charming is spruce, curly hair girls can have also increased the proportion of fashion and femininity, hairdressing talent recommendation curly hair hair styling pictures, how's everything with long hair and waist very hot rolls.

Very sweet feeling of a Korean air bang curly hair, both sweet and lovely little girl taste also have sexy woman flavour, fluffy hair show your charming feeling, the hairstyle looks very elastic, air feels bang also shows you small and clever.

Some toward a design feature, but won't appear too neutral, compared with simple, beautiful curly hair of micro volume processing, has the natural effect, on the other side also reveal your fashion air side, the points in the modelling of dew forehead is a character.

Warm orange colour eyes absorption capacity is also great, supple hair you another temperament, outlined by using the design of the air are created fleeciness nature feeling, this design of straight hair is tie-in curl is quiet temperament woman feel oh, and it is very pure.

Character of grain is relatively common, marcel is suitable for the girls hair amount is not much, you can easily create fleeciness feeling, and the temperament of the points can also modify your face more, slightly some elegant taste I can actually make you more beautiful enchanting.

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